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A Closer Look

About Us

The current supply chain model for critical medical supplies has disappointed its customers, the US healthcare systems, clinicians, and patients. Resilient Medical is building a new and innovative model to enable more control of product production and cost by leveraging its vertically integrated manufacturing and relationships with trusted and experience-tested factories to create a diverse portfolio of global manufacturing assets. Key stakeholders and partners include raw materials suppliers, finished goods manufacturers and logistics/distribution partners. The Resilient Medical innovative supply chain model will help ensure a resilient, secure, and continuous supply of high-quality products for its customers.

Our Core Values

Meet the team
  • We believe in radical transparency – we provide critical information that competitors will not

  • We obsess over customer experience and exceeding expectations

  • We hustle, grind and execute to achieve our goals

  • We tirelessly pursue knowledge, innovation, and advancement

  • We treat our people, customers, and partners with respect, fairness, and integrity - the Golden Rule

Resilient Medical Solutions Leadership

Social Responsibility

Resilient Medical strives to conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that has a positive impact on our people, our stakeholders and customers, and the communities we serve.


Ethical Responsibility

Ethical responsibility starts with conducting fair business practices and treating our people, customers, and business partners with respect.


As part of our robust Quality Management Program, we perform social responsibility audits on our suppliers and manufacturing partners to help ensure that they comply with social and ethical responsibilities, health and safety regulations, and labor laws.


Community Engagement

We are passionate about improving the communities that we live in and that we serve. We feel a philanthropic responsibility for our business and our people to give back to society and improve the quality of life in our communities.


Resilient Medical provides its employees paid volunteer time off to do volunteer work and support charitable initiatives in their communities.

Social Responsibility
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